Why the PS4 Doesn’t Do PS3 Games

Shamus Young for Escapist Magazine:

The PlayStation 3 uses the Cell Architecture. That’s a system for getting a bunch of different processors to work together. On most other devices you have a single powerful processor, or perhaps a powerful central processor and then another processor specifically designed for graphics. On a cell machine, you have many smaller processors (on the PS3 it’s six) that are each dedicated to specific tasks.

The Gaikai solution for backward compatibility seems confusing. Actually, there are more hidden details for the service than meets the eye. Two main aspects were implied during PS4 announcement briefing:

– Games reside on the cloud and can be accessed via PS4 = streaming = always online status

– Games are playable while downloading, a la streaming? but they are downloaded and available for offline play eventually

Maybe the Gaikai technology is to put streaming games next to music and videos. but the question is whether we can keep a copy of what’s being downloaded; considering the huge size of games compared to other media offerings.

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