For All Those Arguing About Apple Needs A Flat Design, Would You Please Shut Up!

Apple is fond of design, and this is a fact. Now, Simply put, almost all the best-in-class design Apps 1 are non-other-than skeuomorphic in a way or another 2 including, Instagram, Camera+, Tweetbot, Reeder, Park Guides, TodoMovies, InFuse, Sooner, Convertbot, Weightbot, to name a few.

Not surprising that people seem to embrace those Apps as long as they look elegant, feel intuitive and do the job.

In addition to the Apps links, I uploaded a complete list of collected screenshots that can be viewed by vising the photo stream I share here: Skeuomorphism in iOS

Apple could do us a favor and only one in particular; add more functionalities to the damned iOS.


  1. Yes, indisputable design that everyone seems to like
  2. In these Apps skeuomorphism could refer to using real-life design elements, material, fabrics, or animations

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