PS4, Retina Display and God of War: Ascension

PlayStation 4 is imminent and the whole web is clattered with rumors and speculations on what the new next-generation has to offer. PS4 is said to be 10 times more powerful than the current PS3, this is OK, but does this make it a revolutionary device? Will it be able to push the whole game industry far forward? I doubt so..

Although PS3 is 10x faster than PS2, but, the transition between the two generations was like a day and night; from limited polygons and pixlated characters 1 to a myriad numbers of polygons and high definition modelling.

But what happens when this pixelation and jagged shapes overcomed and become un-noticeable? I believe no more breakthroughs are expected, only improved rendering, speed, processing, details are the welcome changes by then.

Pixels/Polygons + indistinguishable = Maturity in Game Hardware

When Apple decided to push the density of displays further by announcing Retina displays with 326 dpi, the move was a major leap in the industry. Casual people were able to distinguish between Retina and non-retina displays very easily.

What If Apple wants to push the limits even further and introduce a denser displays? Does that imply a second leap? Of course not, beefing up the device with more pixels will not leave the same impact again; because, apart from resources and consumption issues, people will not be able to spot the difference on 400 dpi displays going onward. Enhancing color, quality, thickness, etc. are the only welcome changes in displays by then.

Pixels + indistinguishable = Maturity in Displays

God of War III was a huge success in graphic quality over its predecessor, the character modelling was smooth un-jagged and the power of PS3 has enabled the team to include moving environment with a larger than life creatures.

After watching the first 30 minutes of the opening of its successor, God of War: Ascension (GOW:A), people were rushed to compare the two games expecting a major leap or overhaul in the game graphics and mechanics. Actually in my opinion both games look similar with a subtle overall improvement in favor of the new game. Bear in mind GOW3 is 3 years older than the newest one. But the similarity is expected considering that both games are made for the same console -PS3.

But what if Sony Santa Monica work on another game for PS4? Will the game transition from PS3 to PS4 will match the same leap as the case between PS2 and PS3? … I don’t think this is happening; its hard to spot the polygons in Kratos anymore? ha?

Pixels/Polygons + indistinguishable = Maturity in Games/Modelling

Each one of the above examples is talking pixels from a different perspective and each one is leading to the same result or implication.. that the industry has peaked and any improvement on the current form will be a subtle evolution rather than a radical change.


  1. To avoid confusion, pixels are more related to bitmapped/raster images, while modelling is related to vector shapes/polygons, but for the mainstream, people refer to character models with less polygons as pixelated.

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